Joanna among roses, summer 2015.

Something that my husband and I have been obsessed with lately. He uses regular milk, I go with almond milk.

Raw, vegan milkshake smoothie recipe: 1 banana,  1/2 avocado, 1 glass of sweet almond milk or regular milk, optional 5 fresh dates, optional 1 spoon of chia seeds.

Lush summer garden.

Our wedding day, May 9th 2015. Photographs taken by my dear Szerelmes.

This year I recieved the most beautiful gift, it was made by artists and friends that I admire and by my beloved husband.

Thank you Laura Zalenga Photography, Marta Bevacqua Photography, Teresa Q, Ezgi Polat, Dara Scully, Már, Szerelmes, Susanna-Cole King, Agata Herbata, Ada Świderska, Tina Sosna, ovors, loish, Kitty Gallannaugh Photography, Angelica Vis.

Agata Noszczak & Agnieszka Helena Zajączkowska, May 2015