With Szerelmes, June 2015.

Another edition of Pretty Things Fair was held this weekend in Warsaw. I went with the intention of taking lots of photographs and finding some lovely handmade things by Polish designers. We went early to find a parking spot, which was definitely a good idea, so many people atttended! As soon as I entered I was struck by so many pretty things to look at that I forgot completely about my mission to take photographs and just browsed and browsed endlessly. We were slightly pressed for time and I’d probably need another hour or so to photograph the entire place.

We spent most of our time looking at books – books for children and for adults, many of which recieved awards for the beautiful illustrations and design. I could hardly pick just a few, there was such a vast selection and the nice people who were selling them didn’t make the choice easier by presenting us with more and more hidden gems. But these must wait as I wasn’t able to photograph them yet and will show them in the next post.

The experience can be summed up as if you walked into a store were EVERYTHING was carefully selected for your liking and there was hardly anything that you would not want to have in your home.

I was so happy to find ENDE ceramics stand, I’ve seen their doll head mugs a few times before, both online and in a shop, and it was something that I wanted for a long time. Luckily for my wallet, they had some discounted mugs which were supposed to have some tiny flaws (I didn’t find any on mine). It’s probably one of the most beautiful and fragile things that I own.

ENDE ceramics is an Art Studio founded by Natalia Gruszecka and Jakub Kwarciński ‒ Designers and graduates of ceramics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, in 2012. The company is engaged in designing and manufacturing contemporary porcelain products, which combine aesthetic appreciation with daily use.

ENDE ceramics doll head mug

ENDE ceramics doll head mug

ENDE ceramics doll head mug

Another reason why I wanted to go to the fair was the soap making company MINISTERSTWO DOBREGO MYDŁA, which I knew were going to be there. They produce handmade quality soap from the best ingredients as well as care about the environment in the process of production and by packaging their products in recycled paper bags. If you care about sustainability and minimizing the amount of trash that we each produce, which is is a staggering amount, support your local businesses who have good work ethic.

Something to think about – if you replaced your regular body wash and liquid hand soap which come in plastic packaging with a beautiful bar of soap you’d be producing less trash and care about your skin too. The natural soap makers are very transparent about the ingredients they use which is something you have the right to know about.

The soaps smell really nice and produce a good lather. I chose pineapple soap which has a sweet, fruity scent and a carrot one, which smells mostly of oranges. I can’t help but think that when arranged for a photo they kind of look like fancy deserts.

The samples from left to right are: 1. Calendula – herbal scent, 2. Coffee – nutty and coffee scent, 3. Carbon, 4. Rosemary




Also in the subject of sustainability (but not purchased at the fairs) is another bathroom essential which puts to shame all of the plastic razors that are out there. An Edwin Jagger traditional safety razor – this thing is so beautiful to look at, the photos do it no justice. I swear by the words of William Morris:

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

It’s supposed to be an ordinary object but the quality of it, the perfect chrome finish make it special. It looks like it belongs in the past because nowadays we rarely see such carefully crafted things.

Edwin Jagger exemplifies traditional English quality style combining it with state of the art design, up to the minute manufacturing techniques and the heritage of long established Sheffield craftsmanship.

It’s so simple to change the habit of buying disposable plastic razors and instead have just one, probably for the rest of your life and only replace the razor blades. It also works much better and is sharper than the disposables. It’s marketed for men, but it works just as well for girls.

Edwin Jagger traditional safety razor

Edwin Jagger traditional safety razor

Sustainable living

I made this post with the intention to inspire you to look into the subject of sustainable living, buying less trash. It’s something that I am quite passionate about and want to spread the word about. You have the right to clean environment and to educate yourself about this subject. These are just a few things that you can start with.

I will finish this post you with a few links for you to check out if you’re interested:

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We went to photograph apple trees that still had the fruits on them but no leaves, they looked like christmas trees made by nature.

I woke up early today and watched the sun rise slowly.

She lives by the sea.

Malika Walczak, July 2015.


I can grow tall like the trees around me.

There was a light..