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  1. Lydia says: Reply

    These pictures are gorgeous! My favorites are the very last one, and the one at the top that is of the branch with the unfocused background. Super creative. :)

    1. Nishe says: Reply

      Thank you, Lydia.

  2. Annija says: Reply

    Love them. Such a beautiful brown tones in nature and her pale skin.. (:

    1. Nishe says: Reply

  3. Mike Rain says: Reply

    Ну как это вообще у тебя так красиво получается?
    Ты наверное волшебница)

    1. Nishe says: Reply


  4. Maria says: Reply

    stunning photos! i love your work!

  5. Mary says: Reply

    These are stunning. They are simply amazing! Do you happen to know where the dress is from?

  6. Niken says: Reply

    great shots!
    they are dauntingly beautiful

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