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  1. genialna sesja! zachwycam się

  2. I’m obcessed with light. So saying that you use it well in your photos is a major understatement.

    I can’t even begin to express how much your photography as always inspired me. It gives me the exact emotions I search for in photos.

    Also, that dress is ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful dress in my life.


  3. Amanda says: Reply

    Gorgeous shots! The quality of light in these is breathtaking.

  4. the white light is so unique and i love it :D

  5. żu. says: Reply

    uwielbiam po stokroć, zwłaszcza to z aparacikiem.

  6. Miriam says: Reply

    She is gorgeous and so is the light. Makes her look like in angel… Beautiful!

  7. Cudowne :)!

  8. Move over, Sofia Coppola! These are so dreamy, suddenly I want it to be summer instead of winter, and as someone else wrote in a comment above, you really do use light with such mastery, I wish I understood light as well as you do. <3

  9. These images are so special…

  10. I love this dress, such an amazing piece!

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