Little accidents every day

Surprised to see blood on my bedding, looking for the source, I notice blood smeared all over my fingers. Where did you come from?
Can’t sleep any longer.
The one that was home. Books are home.

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  1. Emma says: Reply

    beautifully written, and lovely photos as usual. :)

    1. Nishe says: Reply

      Oh, these words are just scraps of thoughts. Thank you though.

  2. Miriam says: Reply

    It may be a strage thing to say, but you have beautiful hands. I also have such little scratches sometimes and I hardly ever know where they come from. Anyway; wonderful photographs, lovely words!

    1. Nishe says: Reply

      Thank you :)
      I don’t think it’s strange at all, I compliment people on less conventionally noticed features too. (I do get weird looks and laughs.)

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