Nesting for Autumn

On August 12 I noticed first signs of Autumn, I can sense the decay is slowly coming, almost unnoticeable. When it’s finally time, I will wake up with numb fingertips, painless, just cold.

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  1. so beautiful as usual :)
    but I have a question about the feathers on the wall.. I have some crow feathers that I have picked outside, and I’ve heard they’re full of bacteria etc. if you found yours outside, how did you clean them? people have told me to wash them with alcohol (vodka) and water and then let them dry. but I’m afraid that will destroy them :(

    1. Nishe says: Reply

      I never cleaned them, I must have contaminated my whole room with bird bacteria.

  2. haha <3 then I won't clean mine either! thankyou :)

  3. So, so gorgeous…

  4. Renee says: Reply

    I love the auburn curls. :-) The daisy chain, crow feathers and mirror form a magnificent background. Awesome.

  5. spring says: Reply

    why have you forsaken me

    1. Nishe says: Reply

      I have not, I still love you.

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