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  1. Tęsknię za takim światłem, delikatnym i ciepłym.

  2. So, so gorgeous. Definitely a space filled with magic…

  3. Nancy says: Reply

    Amazing work, Nishe!

  4. Wu ruoyi says: Reply

    I want to leave something. Well, I do not have a good english. But I like your images, hard to tell(maybe still owe to my poor english), I do not have a particular love in any single picture, I have a sense, see, Sometimes I want to live a life like that presented in your images. But I hardly have capability. I have my parents, families, a lot of things to worry about. Sometimes I saw hermits, someone who lives really far from the world, I considered how they can be free from all the impediment that is inborn with us. Yes I always have wants. But the dreams always disappear gradually as time goes by. A sad tale.

  5. Wu ruoyi says: Reply

    I called those thoughts impulses. Maybe I am just elude the dreams in my life? I don’t know.. I live in a big vacuous house. Hallow. Lonely with my parents, my dog, nanny.grandpa. See I have lots of accompanies? I am just too pessimistic.

  6. amazing photos!! :) http://www.mydirtysho.es

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