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  1. Del says: Reply

    this movement, Nishe. when picture seems to be alive.

    1. Nishe says: Reply


  2. Chloe says: Reply

    These images are amazing, very haunting! They also kind of fit with my current mood, which is not being able to focus and think straight, so I was immediately drawn to them. Great work!

    1. Nishe says: Reply

      Thank you :)

  3. So beautiful.Elegant, yet they have a certain power to them

    1. Nishe says: Reply

      Thank you.

  4. really, really beautiful work. it’s funny how just a little bit of movement in an image can change the story and feeling entirely.

    1. Nishe says: Reply

      Thank you <3

  5. joanna says: Reply

    i love the technique, makes these photographs so unique and creative. stunning.


  6. Anton says: Reply

    i love your photos so much!!

  7. Milly says: Reply

    This is amazing! I will now stalk you If I’m allowed to?

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