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  1. Very well taken♥

  2. Fleur says: Reply

    a beautiful place to stay… i like all this softness in your photos, nishe!

  3. Chloé says: Reply

    Ohh they look beautiful..

  4. Love these photographs!

    – Kaitlyn | http://www.TheCrownFox.com

  5. Zoey says: Reply

    Oh, gosh. These photos are so dreamy. I love it.

  6. These photos are absolutely gorgeous and dreamy! Love them.

  7. beautiful and lovely photographs. i liked the tones. Well done!

  8. alfredo ciano says: Reply

    The Garden of Heaven…

  9. These are really gorgeous photographs!


  10. Ella says: Reply


  11. Ta says: Reply

    Beautiful roses. I can practically smell them.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous flowers <3
    And such a keen eye for photography :)
    Amazing shots!

    xoxo, elizabeth t.


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