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  1. Lovely photos! It was snowing here in Virginia and it was so cold. Just a sweater would not keep me warm.


    1. Nishe says: Reply

      I was not warm in the slightest ;) Thank you!

  2. Maria says: Reply

    These are such lovely photos. Love how they perfectly capture the mood and temperature. :)

    1. Nishe says: Reply

      Thank you Maria. :)

  3. I can’t wait for it to be winter here again, this looks lovely!!


    1. Nishe says: Reply

      I cannot wait for the warmer months with all that sunshine :)

  4. Such lovely photos!

    Hannie from Missing Wanderer

    1. Nishe says: Reply

      Thank you Hannie ❤

  5. Diana says: Reply

    Love the photography, these photos are gorgeous and make me want to get outside and get creative. It looks freezing out there! I’m up in the mountains and it’s so cold too haha hope you keep warm! xo


    1. Nishe says: Reply

      Stay warm too! Thank you ❤

  6. Andrea says: Reply

    so lovely!

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