New Year thoughts

Dear friends,

A new chapter has begun and with it I see the need to let go of memories, sentimental thoughts, reminiscing of what was. I think these feelings will still be present in my art, art was and is a therapy, it’s a way to get things out of my mind.

“We photograph things in order to drive them out of our minds. My stories are a way of shutting my eyes.”
― Franz Kafka

I’m learning to stop putting so much value on the past. I want to make the most of the present moment, instead of idealizing what is gone.

I’m learning the art of letting go. Before I could not part with some tchotchkes, physical reminders of my most cherished events, bibelots from certain time periods like train tickets, old tarnished rings from when I was 12, teenage journals, favourite but broken hairpins, outworn clothes etc. I no longer feel the need to keep such things. Instead of having boxes full of them, I only saved the most cherished ones, a tape with a recording of my voice from I was a few years old, a music box that still works which I received for Christmas many moons ago and some of my books with beautiful illustrations. They all have something in common, they engage senses, which I find brings me the most joy. When I put my oldest camera to my face, it still smells the same as when I first touched it, it instantly brings me back to those moments. The music box has the same power as the illustrations in my oldest books.

It was quite a long process actually but I feel like I finally managed to change my thinking and it’s a much awaited relief. I’m working on new projects that are both exciting and intimidating. I’m also very much looking forward to warm weather and sunshine. I hope you’re well.