July 2012

14 Responses to “Dreaming”
  1. Mikailah says:

    these are dreamy. x

  2. maja says:

    i absolutely love these, they are exquisite in every way imaginable.

  3. Tina Sosna says:

    Such a wonderful mood in these photographs. I really love them. And the dress is so pretty too. ♥

  4. Amazing photos, as always! Just a thing I’m wondering about: The girls you photograph, are they models or do you shoot your friends?

  5. Piękne, jak kadry z jakiegoś snu.

  6. Zuzia says:

    Po prostu piękne.

  7. I love these soft colors you always dream up with your photos.

  8. atomova says:

    jedne z ulubionych twoich zdjec

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